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Years 2-6 and Years 7-9 small group NAPLAN/ICAS/Selective 
writing tutoring. Taught by Amber Fox, who has written and reviewed both NAPLAN and ICAS tests.


2017 RESULTS after tuition with Amber fox


* All mainstream students receiving writing and reading comprehension tuition scored in the top band for NAPLAN

and achieved Distinctions or High Distinctions in ICAS.

* All mainstream students receiving maths tuition scored in the top band for NAPLAN

and achieved Credits, Distinctions or High Distinctions in ICAS. 

* All students with learning difficulties receiving writing, reading comprehension and maths tuition

progressed 2.5 times the state average in NAPLAN moving up several bands from Years 3 to 5

and also made great improvement in ICAS.

* All students receiving tuition received significantly better school reports and grades in English and maths.


     "My daughter loved writing tutoring with Amber to prepare for NAPLAN.  

She scored the highest band in her NAPLAN test results as a result of Amber's expert teaching"

Parent - Year 5 student

  "My son in Year 4 received a High Distinction in ICAS Writing. We are blown away and so thankful to Amber! "
Parent - Year 4 student​

 "My son has topped his grade and received the academic award at his private school for the past two years

as a result of tutoring with Amber "
Parent - Year 5 student​​

"Amber is a dedicated, patient, approachable and kind teacher. She is the best teacher I have ever met!

My son's confidence in maths has grown and he has gone from failing maths to passing with flying colours!"
Parent - Year 7 student

"I am so grateful to Amber for helping my daughter improve her comprehension skills, especially inferential questions."

Parent - Year 6 student

"We are so thankful to Amber for helping our daughter learn to read. In six months she has gone from reading level 1 to level 20!

Her self-confidence has grown and she now looks forward to reading to us each night" 
Parent - Year 1 student​

K-10 English and Maths tutoring taught by Amber Fox in Wentworth Point and via Skype. K-12 home tutoring in English, maths and science taught by experienced tutors.

Amber Fox, Managing Director, has 20 years experience in education and schools and post-graduate qualifications in education.

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