About Clever Fox Education in Sydney 


About the CEO, curriculum designer and teacher, Amber Fox:
- Post-graduate qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Diploma in TESOL
​- 18 years teaching experience in private and public schools across Sydney and London working as a classroom teacher, ESL teacher, Multilit Reading, Reading Recovery teacher, gifted and talented teacher and learning support teacher
- More than two years experience working at Educational Assessment Australia, UNSW Global, developing world-class assessment resources for NAPLAN, UNSW ICAS tests (English, Mathematics, Computer Skills) and developing an online ESL assessment tool for the Victorian Education Department.

- Writer and reviewer of global maths assessments for 3P Learning, the company behind Mathletics. 
​- Author of a series of K-6 curriculum-aligned mathematics assessment books.

About Helen Cassar, Clever Fox Education's first appointed teacher:

- Post-graduate qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education (ESL) and a Diploma in Teaching (Gifted and Talented Education)

- 34 years of teaching experience in three public schools across Sydney 

- current Assistant Principal at a prestigious public school

- wealth of experience working as a gifted and talented, ESL and mainstream classroom teacher

- TOP TEN FINALIST in 2UE's Sydney's Favourite Teacher competition in 2011

Please take the time to read this letter of introduction from Helen.

Dear Parents and Carers of Clever Fox Education Children,

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a teacher and an Assistant Principal and tell you how genuinely thrilled I am to join the Clever Fox Team in 2021! It’s an absolute privilege to be working with Amber Fox and working for such a professionally run organisation to bring about improved academic outcomes for your children. I look forward to teaching your children in English and writing at Clever Fox Education and seeing them achieve their academic dreams, as I have done for hundreds of students over the past 33 years of my career. My name is Helen Cassar and I am a four-year trained teacher who obtained my Bachelor of Education majoring in E.S.L through Wollongong University and my Diploma of Teaching through Sydney College of Advanced Education, majoring in Gifted and Talented Education.

I am currently in my 34th year of teaching with the Department and am accredited to teach K-6, ESL / EAL/D & GATE (Gifted and Talented) students. I have effectively taught in three schools, William Stimson Public School, Newbridge Heights Public School and am currently at Newington Public School in my 14th year.  During this time, I have spent 6 years of my career as an E.S.L/EAL/D teacher working with Grades 3-6, taught on Stage 3 (Years 5 & 6) for 20 years of my career (on gifted & talented classes) and 8 years teaching Stage 2 classes (Years 3 & 4). In 2010, I became Assistant Principal through the merit selection process, leading teachers in Stages 2 & 3 since that date.

As a classroom teacher, I have developed and implemented many innovative, engaging and challenging Literacy and Numeracy programs that demonstrate my diverse pedagogical knowledge. This has enabled me to facilitate learning that is outcome-based, relevant and engaging for all students. I provide excellence in pedagogical improvement through the implementation of explicit and systematic quality teaching to achieve student excellence within the context of coordinated programs.

With my direct teaching of gifted & talented classes both in Stages 2 & 3, I have achieved exceptional NAPLAN, ICAS, OC and Selective High School results that have gone beyond school targets and expectations. Over the years, approximately (19%) of my Year 4 students who applied for OC positions have been successful and approximately (23%) of Year 5’s students applying for Selective High Schools have been successful. I have enabled students to reach their full potential and realise their ambitions in OC classes, Selective High Schools and Universities. My personal belief is that teaching is a profession that creates all other professions and I have been privileged in my career to see hundreds of past students realise their goals, dreams and chosen profession.

I look forward to providing my experience and passion for teaching to Clever Fox Education and look forward to seeing your children excel and realise their personal goals and ambitions.

Yours sincerely,
Helen Cassar


- We identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of your child using a range of comprehensive Australian curriculum-aligned assessments.
- We develop tailored learning programs that target your child’s weaknesses and accelerate their strengths.
- We use curriculum-aligned, high-quality educational resources to maximise your child’s academic achievement.
- We set homework tasks so that your child can consolidate new skills.
- We assess continually to ensure that your child has mastered new skills.
​- We provide regular feedback to parents about student progress.
- For small-group tutoring, we keep the class sizes small to ensure your child can receive the right level of attention and assistance.