NOTE: Fees stated above are based on one student receiving one hour of private tutoring per week. For students receiving more than one hour of private tutoring per week, costs are multiplied accordingly. 


At Clever Fox Education, we stand apart from other tutoring companies because assessments are built into all our courses. Children receive a boost of motivation when they have a visible sense of their progress and a data-driven recognition of just how much they have improved.  

Mathematics Assessments

new students:
- a 20+ page, grade-appropriate, formative diagnostic assessment covering all syllabus outcomes. The assessment results pinpoint each child’s specific strengths and weaknesses in mathematics so I can develop a systematic and structured tutoring program.

Time required: 2-5 hours (untimed)

All topics are reassessed to ensure mastery.

Writing assessments

new students must write a:

- narrative text, and a

- persuasive text

Time to complete:

- 20-minute time limit for Selective/Scholarship preparation

- 30-minute time limit for ICAS preparation

- 40-minutes tine limit for NAPLAN preparation

Comprehension assessment

new students must complete a diagnostic comprehension test spanning several grade levels which assesses the following 12 reading strategies:
• Finding Main Idea
• Recalling Facts and Details
• Understanding Sequence
• Recognising Cause and Effect
• Comparing and Contrasting
• Making Predictions
• Finding Word Meaning in Context
• Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences
• Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion
• Identifying Author’s Purpose
• Interpreting Figurative Language
• Summarising


Clever Fox Education’s
NEW end-of-term report aims to support student learning by providing information to parents and students about achievement/progress and to highlight any areas needing further consolidation. The goal of the report is to foster partnerships between myself and parents to support each child’s learning and progress.

The report will provide parents with:

- comprehensive and specific data about their child’s weekly and term progress

- professional recommendations about any areas for further development

- feedback on their child’s behaviour, effort and homework during the term